Thank you for your interest in our travel planning services. We’re delighted you're here. When planning a trip with The Hollyday, upon paying a planning fee, agreeing to our services and/or booking a travel service or accommodation through us, you and your travel companions agree to the following terms and conditions, and confirm you have read these terms and have the legal capacity to accept them on behlaf of yourself and your party. If you do not understand any of the following terms and conditions, we strongly recommend that you contact us before proceeding with any services and/or bookings. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, regrettably you may not make a booking or arrange services through us.


“The Agency,” also referred to as “we,” or “us,” includes The Hollday, LLC and it’s owners, employees, and agents.


“The Traveler” or “Travelers,” also referred to as “you,” “your," “the client,” “clients,” “passengers,” or "party," includes yourself and all other travelers in your party.


“Services” include any and all services provided by The Agency to the The Traveler, including but not limited to accommodation bookings, itinerary proposals and compilatinos, tours, activities, transportation, air bookings, and other bookings, arrangements or recommendations that may be provided.


“Service providers” or “Travel Suppliers”, also referred to as "suppliers," "partners," "preferred partners," include hotels, tour operators, airlines, transportation companies, activity suppliers, guides, drivers, and their owners, agents, employees, and contractors.


We require all potential clients to fill out a Travel Planning Inquiry to get started. Upon receipt, we will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours to discuss your travel planning needs.


We reserve the right to charge a travel planning fee for our services. Such fees cover our time and expertise spent researching and composing custom itinerary proposals. While simple hotel bookings may be offered complimentary, multi-hotel and/or multi-destination proposals and full itineraries are subject to a planning fee that is dependent upon the number of travelers, number of destinations, and complexity of the trip. A fee will be quoted and communicated to you upon receipt of the Travel Planning Inquiry. Travel planning fees are due upfront and non-refundable. Any planning fees paid for trips that are cancelled or not booked may be applied to future travel planning services. Bookings requested within 30 days of departure may incur rush fees.


We specialize in full-service itinerary planning, from accommodatios to on-the-ground transportation, tours and activities. Flight bookings are subject to a ticketing fee. We generally do not accept air only requests, unless they are for roundtrip, business class or higher fares. Requests for minor revisions to your proposed itinerary are encouraged and welcomed. We will make every effort to make the necessary revisions to your program for as long as needed. We will accept 1 major revision request per program. A major revision is a complete change in destination, itinerary, or significant date change after trip planning has begun. Additional revisions may be subject to special handling fees. If unforeseen circumstances beyond our control require changes to your itinerary, we reserve the right to modify itineraries and to substitute similar hotels, tours, activities and/or transportation, after first giving notice to and getting approval from you.


We are happy to assist with villa, home, and boat rentals through one of our preferred partners. However, we do not work with Airbnb, VRBO, and other ‘people to people’ home rental sites.


Rates provided in quotes are applicable to the day and time provided, and are not guaranteed until booked with a credit card guarantee or deposit. Some products and/or services may require payment in full upon booking or other deposit requirements. Deposits may be fully refundable, partially refundable or non-refundable, which you will be notified of at the time of quotation.


Quotes provided for international travel are quoted in the foreign currency of the destination and are based on rates (including foreign exchange rates) known at the time of quotation. Travelers are responsible for foreign exchange increases or decreases, including international credit card issuer or transaction fees,  until final payment is made.  


Travel insurance is always recommended to help protect yourself and your trip investment for events such as cancellation, delay, emergencies (medical or otherwise) and travel assistance. A plan will be offered after the deposit is made. However, no representation or description of the insurance made constitutes a binding assurance or promise about insurance coverage. If you have specific questions regarding your policy, please contact the insurance provider. Pre-existing condition clauses and supplier financial default clauses vary by policy and typically require you to purchase your insurance soon after deposit. Please notify us as soon as possible if you have any pre-existing conditions


All cancellations must be advised in writing. At the time of booking, you will be advised of the cancellation policy of your accommodations and/or services. If a cancellation policy has not been provided to you, you are to assume the booking is non-refundable. Cancellation policies vary and are implemented by the supplier. 

Discounted fares and/or promotional rates often involve restrictions and are non-refundable. Changing or cancelling any aspect of your travel arrangements may result in the forfeiture or payment of additional money.


Travel documentation, including, but not limited to identification, passports, visas, and/or inoculation certificates, remain the sole responsibility of the traveler.  For international travel, passports must be valid at least six months after your date of return to the U.S. The name on your reservation must match the name on your passport. Non-U.S. citizens must consult with the appropriate consulates to determine if any additional visas are needed. It is suggested that all passengers, regardless of the passport they hold, check with the appropriate consulates of the countries being visited to determine if any visas are needed. Securing any necessary visas is the responsibility of the passenger, though we will assist when possible. 

It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure they have the proper immunizations before traveling. Please seek the advice of your medical provider.

For more information please visit the U.S. Department of State website at https://travel.state.gov.


In the case of a pandemic and/or government action that cancels, delays, or interrupts your travel, The Ageny will act in compliance with all government regulations and according to the supplier-imposed policy. The Agency is not liable for any losses incurred during these situations, such as in the case of a refund not being issued by a supplier during extraordinary, unforeseen circumstances. However, we will advocate for the traveler to the best of our ability and within reason. Please note, traditional travel insurance policies do not cover pandemics or government actions, you must purchase a “Cancel for Any Reason” add on to be covered for these extreme events.


Travel Suppliers and/or any other third parties providing transportation, sightseeing arrangements, tours, shore excursions, activities and hotel and/or cruise accommodations are independent contractors and are not agents, affiliates, representatives or employees of The Agency or any of its subsidiaries, related companies, or parents. The Hollyday has no ownership interest in any Supplier. Any use of the The Hollyday name by a Supplier is for identification purposes only and does not constitute ownership, agency, supervision, or control by The Hollyday. All documentation, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Supplier. By utilizing the services of the Suppliers, you agree that The Hollyday shall not be liable for any breach of contract, or any intentional, negligent or careless acts or omissions of such Suppliers, which may result in any loss, injury, damage or delay to you or to those traveling with you in connection with any services provided. For any service issue disputes, please contact us in writing within 30 days of your return.


Travel to certain destinations at any given time may involve the risk of a variety of hazards to health and/or safety, including but not limited to illness, disease, crime, terrorism, and warfare. Because each traveler’s risk tolerance is different, The Agency is not in a position to advise whether you should travel to any particular place at any particular time. Instead, please refer to the appropriate third-party sources of travel safety and information, such as that maintained by the U.S. Department of State (https://travel.state.gov.).