I love any excuse to get dressed up and go to the theatre. I’ve awlays been a fan of performing arts, and maybe it’s my age, but I would much rather my nights out involve a theatre over a nightclub. Last fall when I was in Milan, I got the opportunity to attend a ballet performance at the historical and iconic opera house, Teatro Alla Scala, which pretty much felt like we were transported back to old Europe, filled with romance and neoclassical glamour. I was seated in a front row box seat, and got to lean out onto the red cushion to watch the show as the lights went down and the curtain came up. The performance was L’histoire de Manon, a ballet set in 18th centruy Paris choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan with music written by Jules Massenet, based on the tale of a young French woman deciding between a life of wealth and luxury, or poverty and true love. The famed ballerina Svetlana Zakharova from Russia, and famous dancer Roberto Bolle from Italy, starred. At intermission, everyone went out to the coffee bar in the lobby to down an espresso, then quickly back to the seats we went for the second half of the performance. I loved the formality and sophistication of the venue and custom. The night ended with one of the longest standing ovations I’ve ever witnessed, and it was well-deserved. Such a fun night and an incredible ballet in the most beautiful theatre I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend getting tickets to whatever is on at Teatro Alla Scala when visiting Milan, you won’t be disappointed.

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