Dear clients and friends,

Our hearts are with all of our clients and fellow travelers who have had to cancel flights, plans and trips that they had been looking forward to. And of course, our sincerest thoughts and prayers are with all of those directly affected by this virus. What started out as concern and sympathy for our partners in China, quickly grew to include our friends in Italy, and now it encompasses ourselves and our neighbors right here in New York City and everyone all over the world. I believe that once we’re able to heal and we emerge from this scary, sad and uncertain time, we will do so stronger and more connected on a global scale. And I know that eventually, we will start traveling again. Though traveling may feel different in the post-pandemic age, hopefully it will be done with more appreciation and wider eyes for something we had gotten so used to, and maybe had even taken for granted. When that time comes, we will be here for you to help you dream, plan and take your next trip. Until then, we will continue talking about travel in this space, smiling over fond memories of past adventures, and hopeful for new ones in the not so far distant future.

With love, Holly