Bucket List


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There’s something pretty majestic about riding a horse down an empty beach on a Caribbean island.  If you aren’t already in a steady state of constant relaxation from just being on an island like Anguilla, off-the-grid with little cell service, the slow island pace and flowing rum punch, an hour long horseback ride on the beach will surely get you there.  But actually riding a horse in the Caribbean Sea is relaxation on a whole other level.


It was funny to think about, really guys, that three days before this equestrian excursion through the Caribbean-freaking-Sea, we were sitting in our office, our desk drowning in papers, trying to cross as many things off our to-do list as we could before we turned on that automated “Out of the office until…” email response.

And then there we were, a mere 72 hours later, just chilling on top of a horse named Juluca, 1,765 miles away from said office, getting sleepy from rocking back and forth as the horse walked us down the beach. All of a sudden, we zoned out of our daze when she started trotting toward the sea and her owner, Anguillia local, Zambezi, yelled in his accent, “She loves to get in the water to cool off! Take her out!”

Next thing you know, we are horses’ neck deep in the cool, crystal-clear ocean.  She walked slowly, cooling both of us off from the ride.  It’s moments like that when you look at your surroundings and realize just how important travel is to remove us from our everyday, tunnel vision lives and remind us how much there is out there for us to see and experience, to keep our senses and our spirits alive.

The peacefulness that was felt sitting on top of that horse as she walked through the ocean was something I knew in that moment I wouldn’t be able to replicate.  No spa treatment, yoga class, meditation or other relaxation technique could ever recreate it.  It was the kind of feeling you know you’ll probably be lucky enough to experinece only once in your life, but you’ll never forget it.

After a while, Juluca started back up towards the beach.  We both emerged from the water feeling refreshed, just maybe in different ways.