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How to stay healthy while traveling with chlorophyll water.

Why does it seem as though our immune systems automatically weaken when we travel? Maybe its the recycled air on planes (ew), the easy spreading of germs in overcrowded airports, or the fact that travel gets us out of our routines and we indulge more and sleep less. Whatever the reason, being under the weather while traveling is the worst, so we’re always looking for easy ways to stay healthy on the go. A while back, we began noticing more and more people drinking a dark green liquid that didn’t look like your average kale juice. Come to find out, this mysterious concoction was simply chlorophyll water.

Health benefits of chlorophyll water.
Health benefits of liquid chlorophyll.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “chlorophyll? More like borophyll 😴.” But really, the stuff that makes plants green is actually really good for us, too. Chlorophyll is rich in antioxidants, can reduce the risk of cancer, promotes healing, cleansing and oxygenates our blood. It’s a great supplement when you’re traveling in busy cities as it tackles environmental pollutants and toxins in our body. Research also shows it promotes weight loss and increases energy levels and mental clarity.

The many benefits of chlorophyll water.

Still not convinced? Even the experts will tell you! Sakara, the organic, plant-based meal delivery system we love (which you can read more about here) uses it in their Night Water. Pressed Juicery includes it in their juice cleanses and sells it by the bottle, calling it “one of the world’s most beneficial substances.” In addition to its dozens of health benefits, we love it cause it’s inexpensive (find it at your nearest health foods store), easy to throw in your travel bag and drink on the go. It really doesn’t have much of a taste, but if your taste buds are picky, add a little lemon. We love drinking it twice daily out of our Swell bottle. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

Here’s to happy, healthy travels.

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