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Statement earrings for summer.

I take after my late grandmother (Mamaw Myrtie, as I called her), in a lot of ways, including her fashion sense. Among other things, we shared a love for big, extravagant “costume” jewelry and gold shoes. To this day, I don’t put on a pair of big earrings without thinking of her, and every time I’m shopping and lust after a pair of gold shoes, I smile and think “Mamaw Myrtie would approve.” I’ve amassed quite the collection of statement earrings over the years (the bigger the better), of which she would also approve, and I love that they’ve taken the spotlight this summer as one of the season’s best accessories. Others may just be catching on, but Mamaw Myrtie and I have always known that all it takes to elevate an outfit is throwing some statement jewelry, and voila. If she were still here today, I’d tell her she was ahead of the curve on this trend.

Let’s all take a cue from my fashionable grandmother and add some statement earrings to our summer wardrobes.

And remember, style knows no age!









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  • LaDonna aka MOM says:

    Thank you Holly for this sweet post about my Mom. She did love to make a fashion statement. I know she is smiling down on you and so proud and happy that you take after her love for fashion and I’m sure she is wearing some big colorful earrings and gold shoes!!!

  • RoseAnn caylor says:

    Thank you Holly! Myrtie did love her costume jewlery. It went so well with her always manicured and painted nails. She loved you and so do I !!!

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