You know the drill.  Your flight leaves in three hours; you’re still packing, throwing last minute items you don’t need in your already full suitcase (just in case), and going through the list of things not to forget: passport, wallet, phone, chargers.  The last thing you have time to do is pre-make yourself some healthy, non-processed snacks for the plane. You get to the airport, realize you’re starving and head straight to the junk-food stand.  Cheeze-Its, trail mix, and depending on the length of the flight… maybe some candy. Fast-forward to the end of the flight, and you feel lousy, have no energy, and you’re still hungry.  We’ve been there too. But this, friends, is where Sakara saves us all.

We first learned of a company called Sakara several years ago when it was all over every Victoria Secret models’ Insta feeds.  What are these meals that supermodels are swearing by?  Lily Aldridge is a fan, Lena Dunham has been seen toting the meals, and Gwyneth Paltrow  has endorsed the brand.  Oh, and they’ve fed New York Fashion Week two years in a row.  (NBD, right?)  It was then that we enlightened ourselves.  Sakara is an organic meal delivery program that uses a whole-food, plant-based approach to create fresh, nutritious meals for its clients that are nourishing, healthy and (we swear…) actually taste good (Bobby Flay is on their advisory board!).  And we now know from experience, because Sakara recently started delivering its coveted meals nationwide.

But what about snacks?  Sakara launched their Clean Boutique so that, in addition to fresh meals, you can order guiltless, freshly made snacks like Salty Superfood Popcorn, Watermelon Jerky (tastes like candy!), and Beauty Bars for those of us who are always on the go… because airport food just isn’t an option.  So, consider the Clean Boutique your virtual pantry, and keep yourself stocked so that you can stuff some Salty Superfood Popcorn and other delicious, nutritious snacks in your bag next time you head for the airport.  You know you don’t have time to whip up a healthy snack on your way out the door.  So, consider this the next best thing.