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Moving to NYC.

Okay it’s technically not a one-way ticket because I’m driving (a rental car) but I am writing this from a hotel room in Hagerstown, Maryland, where I will depart in the morning (or today as you’re reading this) for NYC. All of my belongings are on a moving truck somewhere between Knoxville and New York, and in a few hours I will move into my first New York City apartment.

It has been bittersweet. This move has been a long time in the making, and something I’ve wanted to do since I graduated law school over four years ago. Once it finally seemed like the right time, I made the decision to not renew the lease on my apartment in downtown Knoxville, and flew up to the city to begin the apartment search. After several grueling weeks of trying to find, apply and be selected for the right apartment (which took at least half a year off my life and can be blamed for several new wrinkles and the circles under my eyes turning a shade or two darker), and thanks to the help of my amazing agent, Jacob from Triplemint, the clouds parted, the trumpets sounded and I found an apartment.

I couldn’t believe it was finally happening (and still can’t). I hurriedly began to pack and make plans for me and my two dogs, my Cavalier, Milo, and my rescue Eskie-mix, Misha, to move to the big city. January quickly passed by, and then February was here. I had a week-long trip planned to Harbour Island, Bahamas with my family to celebrate my Mom’s birthday, and I had created a whole agenda for myself to explore every inch of the island and set up meetings with some of the islands best hotels so that I could share everything about the amazing destination with my readers and travel clients. I would get home from that trip, have less than a week to finish packing up my life (I work best under pressure), and then make the big move.

Sadly, on my first full day on Harbour Island, Bahamas, I got devastating news from back home that my beloved Cavalier, my best friend and furry child, Milo, had passed away unexpectedly.

Since that day, everything has been a whirlwind. What was supposed to be an exciting new adventure, moving to New York with my two dogs in tow, is now going to be a new chapter for just Misha and I. We’ll be taking on a new city, minus our best friend. And while right now, because of his absence, it feels a bit more bitter than sweet, I am hopeful and excited for this new change. I am excited to become more involved with my travel agency, Travel Edge, and I look forward to bringing you the best there is of New York City and beyond.


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Brooklyn Bridge Park.
1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.
East River NYC.
Brooklyn, NYC.



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  • Meggie Smith says:

    Enjoy NYC! It is truly the best city. I just moved this past June to LA after being in NYC for 13 years (I also grew up in Knoxville). I absolutely loved it (and hope to move back after fellowship!). There’s nothing like walking around NYC and knowing it is yours!

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