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Reformation dress.

Reformation is saving the world, one dress at a time.
Okay not really, but kind of. Why I love this line beyond its pretty dresses that are perfect for summer is that as a company, it makes it a priority to use sustainable practices in developing its garments, reducing the negative impact that fashion production has on the environment.

I never knew how much producing garments negatively impacts the environment, but Reformation explains it all here. It’s actually the third most polluting industry in the world, and the second largest consumer of water! The making of fabric takes a lot of energy and resources. Until I read about it on Reformation’s website, I had no idea. Talk about feeling ignorant.

Summer dress by Reformation.
Yellow Reformation dress.
Cuyana hat.

So what is Reformation doing about it? A lot. They use eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel which is made of renewable plant materials,  and recycle vintage and “dead stock” fabrics by reusing them so they aren’t wasted. They use eco-friendly and efficient technologies in their factory. They employ practices to minimize their ecological footprint. You can read about all of Reformation’s sustainable practices here, but basically, sustainable fashion is their priority. Every product page breaks down the impact of those sustainable efforts. For example, the making of the dress I have on here took 42 gallons of water, compared to the industry standard 856 gallons. I’m no mathematician… but that’s a lot of water.

Knowledge is power, and I love that Reformation is not only making efforts to reduce the harm they cause to the environment, but they’re educating people along the way. And hey, I’ll take any excuse to make me feel a little less guilty about making that purchase. When you shop Reformation, you’re basically helping the environment. 😉

Yellow dress by Reformation.
Linen sundress.
Quay sunglasses.
Yellow dress on Cherokee Boulevard.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Reformation is currently having their summer sale with items up to 50% off, including this dress. You can shop their sale here.



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