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Collecting matchbooks from restaurants when you travel.

If you love to travel, you’ll likely agree that some of the best memories of our lives are made while we’re out seeing the world, visiting other cities or countries and experiencing new things with family, friends, or even ourselves. Lately I’ve been trying to come up with different ways I can memorialize my favorite travel moments, from my favorite restaurants to those funny, unexpected things that happen along the way. Sharing my ideas with you, below!


Finding something to collect was hard for me. I’m not a fan of random chotchkies, and honestly I don’t have room for things like that living in an apartment. But a few years ago, I started grabbing a few matchbooks from restaurants I ate at when I traveled. I now have a giant bowl-full that I keep on my bar cart, and anytime I reach for a match to light a candle, I’m reminded of the restaurant, the meal I had, who my company was, and the place I visited.


It’s always fun to do a little shopping on a vacation and bring back a memento that you’ll cherish forever. Just make sure it’s something you’ll actually use or wear–don’t buy something that you’ll think of as junk later. For example, save up for your first Chanel bag and buy it in Paris; or bring home a piece of jewelry with a sapphire gemstone from Greece that will forever remind you of the blue-domed roofs of Santorini. When the time isn’t right to splurge, I like to pick up a travel book about the city or location I’m visiting, and make notes inside about where I stayed or dined and other things I did. I also like to look through and make notes of things I missed but would like to do next time I visit.


Sometimes it seems as though the most memorable moments of a trip are those that weren’t planned, but just happened. I’ve recently began writing in a travel journal and making notes of all the little moments of my travels that weren’t planned, but that I never want to forget.


Have you ever wondered why some restaurants include a postcard with your bill? Fill it out, and they’ll mail it for you! Send it to a friend and let them know how much you enjoyed your meal, and what else you’re loving about your trip. Or, send it to yourself as and you’ll have a reminder of your great experience once you get home! Keep them so that you’ll remember all the restaurants you loved on your trip.


No need to have professional photog. skills to have your pictures printed and framed. Snap away on your iPhone while you travel, and when you get home, upload them onto Framebridge, pick out your frames, and they’ll do the manual work for you. They will even print and frame your Instagrams! Creating a gallery wall of beautifully framed pictures that you took yourself during your travels is a great way to remember all the amazing places you’ve visited, and will inspire you to keep traveling!

What do you do to memorialize your travels? Let us know in the comments below!


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