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{My Dad and I in Anguilla circa 2011.}

 Father’s Day is just shy of a week away, fyi. And if you don’t already have a gift for your old man, it’s probably gonna take you at least that long to think of what to get him. I know I’m not the only one who thinks dads are hard to buy for… which is why I thought I’d help you out and come up with some ideas on how to celebrate, cause I could use some ideas myself.

Personally, I think experiences go farther than gifts when it comes to making your dad feel the appreciation he deserves. So show up to his house Father’s Day morning and make him breakfast, or have a cookout where he *for once* doesn’t have to do the grilling.

My old man loves to play golf. I, however, do not. (I prefer attending the fancy tournaments, dressing cute, enjoying cold beverages and following Jordan Spieth, but I digress.) But in the spirit of the holiday, I plan to put our athletic differences aside next weekend and take my Dad to the golf course.  It will be a family affair (I’m actually the only one in my family who doesn’t play), and afterwards maybe we’ll take him to his favorite restaurant on the lake. But, being the materialistic person that I am, I would feel bad if I didn’t come bearing at least one gift. So I went ahead and scoured the internet (when online shopping addictions come in handy!) and put together the gift guide below in case you needed some ideas, too.


1.  James Perse tee   /  2.  Tommy Bahama Golf fedora  /  3.  Barney’s New York belt  /  4.  Cathy’s Concepts Grillmaster tool  /
5.  Bremont Adventurer’s Journal  /  6.  Gucci loafers  /  7.  Bremont tie  /  8.  Bremont Weekend Holdall  /  9.  Marshall Bluetooth speaker  /
10.  Givenchy ‘Gentlemen Only’ cologne  /  11.  ‘Eat Drink Nap – Bringing the House Home’ by Soho House  /  12.  Ray-Ban ‘Justin Classic’ sunglasses  /  13.  Paul Smith socks  /  14.  Qualia bourbon glass  /  15.  Bremont leather document holder  /  16.  Kingsman + Turnbull & Asser shirt  /  17.  Herbivore Beard Tonic  /  18.  Moore & Giles travel kit  /  19.  John Boos & Co. chopping block



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