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Artifact Uprising photo prints.

Remember when we actually used to print out all our photos? I remember well the days of the ole disposable camera. Before going on a trip, I would stop at the drugstore and buy 2 or 3 disposable cameras. I’d write my name on them with a sharpie, pack them in my suitcase and once I got to my destination, I’d snap away. And of course, when I got home, back to the drugstore 1-hour photo center I’d go to have them developed. I loved picking up the prints and seeing how things turned out. Some of my best memories were captured on those disposable cameras, and I still cherish the physical prints to this day.

Then came the digital age, where everything was saved to the computer. And lately, most of the photos I take would be uploaded to social media, put on my blog or saved away in a file among hundreds of files on my laptop, until I discovered Artifact Uprising, a company that makes it easy and fun to order prints of your favorite photos.

The company was founded in 2012 by Jenna Walker and Katie Thurmes, two sisters (both professional photographers) who wanted their memories to have a place to live beyond cell phones and hard drives. So, they created a photo book company which today consists of a website and an app that makes it easy, seamless and fun to order prints, photo books, calendars and more to preserve your fondest memories.

And you’ll appreciate the story behind their products. They call Colorado home and knew from the start that they wanted to use resources from their own backyard in the Rocky Mountains that would otherwise go to waste, so they use reclaimed wood from fallen Mountain Beedle Pine trees to create their photo blocks and wood calendars, and recycled paper for their prints and photo pages. (I love reading about the story behind a company, and supporting businesses who make choices that benefit the environment. After all, it’s the beauty of this Earth we call home that keeps us traveling… why wouldn’t we want to protect and preserve it?)


Artifact Uprising photo prints.
Artifact Uprising.

I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to start printing out some of my favorite travel photos that live on my social media pages and the site so that I can see them and appreciate them without having to scroll through a screen. I placed an order on Artifact Uprising for 25 square prints of my favorite images which I got for a reasonable $18 dollars. (Mine are the square 4×4 though they have different sizes, paper thickness and styles to choose from.) The process was simple and quick and couldn’t have been more convenient, and I love having the pictures scattered throughout my apartment as little daily reminders of the places I’ve experienced over the past few years. I want to make a habit out of printing my travel photos so that I can be reminded of those moments for years to come.

Click here to get started printing your photos with Artifact Uprising.

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