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How to stay active when traveling.

Keeping up with your workout routine while traveling can no doubt be a challenge. If you’re on a true vacation, it can be tempting to forgo your workouts all together and sleep in, relax and indulge (usually me always)… not that there’s anything wrong with that–it is vacation, after all. And if you’re traveling for work, time can be an issue and it might be hard to squeeze in physical activity. But I always feel better when I make a point to remain active and it makes it easier (and less painful) getting back into your routine when you get home. The last thing I want to do when I’m traveling, though, is spend time holed up in the hotel gym, so I’ve made a list of ways to stay active that don’t involve a fitness center.




Depending on where you’re staying, there’s a good chance you will have access to a bicycle which is a great way to get around and sightsee, explore or get from point A to point B.  Many hotels provide complimentary bikes for guest use, like at Zero George (pictured above) in Charleston. It was so much fun hopping on a bike and riding down to Rainbow Row and the Battery last time I was in town. Also, most bigger cities have bike shares, such as CitiBike in NYC, where you can rent a bike using the credit card machine in one location, ride it to the vicinity of your destination and return it at any nearby station. I once rode CitiBike from Soho up to Central Park, returned it to the nearest dock and took an Uber back downtown.




Jogging? For exercise? Groundbreaking, I know. But don’t just aimlessly go for a jog to get your activity in. When you arrive at your destination, drop off your bags, put on your tennis shoes and head out for a walk or run (or hike!) to explore the area. For example, if you’re staying in a city, take a jog around the neighborhood to scope out any spots you might not want to miss during your visit. If you’re staying on a beach somewhere, take a walk down the beach to see what kind of local spots you can find to come back to later. Not only will you get in some exercise after traveling, but you’ll familiarize yourself with the area in which you’re staying and may discover some cool local spots. Get in your exercise and sightsee at the same time.




I guarantee you it will be worth waking up early for that sunrise yoga session overlooking the ocean. When you check in, ask your hotel if they offer any exercise classes or outdoor activities you might want to take advantage of. It might be something you wouldn’t normally do at home (like beach body bootcamp), but it will be something different and better than spending an hour inside the hotel gym.




Familiarize yourself with a workout routine at home that can be done anywhere – whether its from your hotel room after a long flight or outside in a park. This can be especially helpful when your schedule is full and you’re on a time crunch, when the weather is lousy, or when you’ve been flying all day and get to your hotel room late at night. A few years ago I purchased the BBG workout guide by Australian trainer Kayla Itsines. I have seen and read about all the transformations (just search the hashtag #bbgprogress on Instagram to see for yourself), success stories and positive reviews of her workout and clean eating program, and I’ve started it more times than I’d like to admit. I’ll last a couple weeks and I will feel great but I’ve never stayed with it long enough to see real results. I’ve tried so many different workouts, classes, programs and methods but I often get distracted and move on to something else before I really give it time to become part of my lifestyle. I recently got really into Orange Theory, which I loved, but had to take a couple weeks off due to an injury caused by pushing myself too hard. I’m afraid if I get back into it regularly, my injury will come back. So, I’ve been brainstorming and researching different workouts and programs, trying to find one that fits my lifestyle and needs, and I keep coming back to BBG.  I already own the printed workout guide (find it here, or there’s an App!), I already have the little equipment that’s needed, and it’s a great workout for someone with a busy schedule who’s often on-the-go. The workouts are 28 minutes long, 3 days a week with cardio days in between, and with simple equipment modifications it can literally be done anywhere… a hotel room, outdoors, etc.

 So, I have decided to re-start the program (just finished Day 1) and this time I’m making a commitment to stick with it, saying it here now to hold myself accountable! (Cause like, that would be really embarrassing if I told you all of this and then quit a week later.) I will post updates and talk about my progress on Instagram Stories, so be sure you’re following along here.

 I’m excited to make this commitment to get healthier, stronger and feel better. And of course, I still plan to continue incorporating the other tips mentioned above when traveling, too! What’s your favorite way to stay active while traveling? Share in the comments below!

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