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A Memorial Day picnic on the beach.

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and seen those amazingly dreamy, effortless-looking picnics? With a blanket sprawled on the grass, bottles of rosé or champagne, and a spread that looks like something out of the Martha Stewart catalogue? I have, and I’ve always wanted to have one. Until last weekend, the closest I’ve ever come to a picnic like that that was when I had a few hours to kill during a trip to NYC, picked up a bottle of rosé and a plastic cup, Citi Biked to Central Park and propped myself up against a tree for some people watching.

Wanting to start some new vacation traditions while I was in Hilton Head with my family this past week (more on that later), I decided it was a perfect time to have a Memorial Day picnic on the beach Friday afternoon since we had late dinner reservations that evening. I went to the store, picked up some fruit, cheese, bread, crackers and olives, and of course, some Veuve Clicquot, and threw the contents in my beach bag (when you have no picture perfect picnic basket, you improvise).

A Veuve Clicquot picnic on the beach.

Champagne on the beach.

We biked to the beach and I laid out the spread. I had no fancy cheese board, I left the fruit in its plastic containers, and our “picnic blanket” was the Turkish Towel I had worn as a swimsuit coverup earlier that day. It was nothing glamorous, but my effort was decent if I do say so myself. Most importantly, though, we had fun. It was quite relaxing, as you’d imagine sipping champagne and eating cheese and crackers on the beach would be. And it didn’t take a team of Martha Stewart magazine stylists to throw it together. So if you don’t have plans today, go outside if the weather’s nice and throw down a blanket. Take yourself some champagne and something to snack on, and enjoy. And have a Happy Memorial Day!


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