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Five things I'm loving lately for travel & everyday.

Sharing a few things I’m using and loving lately for both travel and everyday!

I got this Away Carry-On for Christmas this past year, and I absolutely love it. I have the small carry-on size, and I can’t believe how much I can get in there. But there are plenty of sizes to choose from. It’s durable, lightweight and looks great, too. The portable charger is a game-changer… never wander the airport in search of an available outlet again. And for $225, the quality for the price can’t be beat. With the newer models, the charger is removable (just push it in and it ejects), so I use it as a portable charger once I reach my destination, too. Just don’t forget to remove the battery if you check your luggage, and carry the battery with you on the plane. Click here to start shopping and get $20 off your first Away suitcase!

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

I was recently in need of a new face moisturizer, and decided to give this one try after hearing rave reviews. I’m hooked! It’s rich but still lightweight, perfect for this time of year when my skin is still a little dry but I don’t want to use anything too heavy. It has a very subtle and natural but pleasant scent (I hate when products are too scented, yuck) and at $35 for a good sized tub, it’s a pretty great deal.

Truffle Clarity Clutch

I am loving this PVC with white leather trim clutch! If you haven’t noticed, PVC accessories are everywhere this season, so this would look adorable carried as a casual, everyday clutch, OR, throw it in your travel bag to hold all your in-flight essentials. There’s nothing worse than contorting over in your seat mid-flight trying to find your headphones or chap stick in the bottom of your carry-on that’s crammed under the seat in front of you, you know? Problem, solved.


I love a good “investment piece” (a.k.a. my justification for buying things I want but know I shouldn’t) as much as the next person, but crazy expensive sunglasses are one item I refrain from purchasing because inevitably, they will either get lost or broken well before I get my wear out of them. That’s why I’m obsessed with QUAY, an Australian sunglass company that makes great quality sunnies for even better prices. I have had this $55 pair (the style is ‘After Hours”) for about a year now (might possibly be my personal record) and they’ve yet to get lost or broken, ironically.

Straw bag with bamboo.

I picked up this little mini straw tote bag with bamboo handles while I was in the Bahamas, and of course when I got home I found an identical one online and on sale. Go figure. This one is currently 80% off (!!!) for just $55 as part of Barney’s Spring Holiday Sale. It’s the perfect bag for any spring and summer outfit!




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