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Podcasts to listen to while you travel.

I’ve been very into podcasts lately. But there are so many out there, it literally seems like everyone has a podcast now. I know there are lots of popular ones that tell one long story over many episodes, like the hit Serial a few years ago, but I lack the patience and attention span to get into those. I love the ones that feature shorter individual episodes (like interviews) that you can listen to in any order at any time. They’re the perfect way to entertain yourself and pass time when you travel. You can listen to them while walking through the airport, on the plane, while sitting in traffic or on a road trip (unlike reading because getting carsick is the worst), or literally whenever. Below are five of my current favs that are perfect ways to pass the time when traveling to your next destination.



How I Built This With Guy Raz is a podcast by NPR where Raz takes listeners behind the scenes of today’s biggest, most innovative companies and into the minds of founders, entrepreneurs and leaders. Listening to how they build their empires from the ground up is fascinating. Favorite episodes include Kate & Andy Spade, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe, Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia, and Spanx’s Sara Blakely.



We Met at Acme is definitely one of my favorite podcast discoveries as of late. New Yorker Lindsey Metselaar and her weekly guests discuss dating and evvvverything that goes along with it, and nothing is off limits. I’ve laughed out loud in every single episode, but they aren’t afraid to talk serious, either. Everything from dating horror stories to do’s and dont’s, to sexual harassment, no stone is left unturned. Episodes go live on Sundays. And follow @wemetatacme on Instagram where she posts lots of fun and interesting poll questions in her stories.



This one is for all of you pop-culture lovers. My friend Anna recently turned me on to this podcast, and now I am officially a “Breather”. Claudia Oshry Soffer and Jackie Oshry (sisteres from the hilarious Instagram accounts @girlwithnojob and @jackieoproblems, respectively) deliver an hour of entertaining dialogue every weekday morning at 10:30 a.m. EST. They broadcast it live on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, and my preference is to watch it because it’s funnier when you can see them do their thing but listening to it via podcast is the next best option and it makes time fly by on an airplane, treadmill, or in the car.



Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, the girls behind our favorite way to get the news every morning (theSkimm) are now bringing us weekly podcasts wherein they sit down (on the couch) with some of today’s most inspiring, successful women. This podcast just launched with its first episode this week, but I already know it’s going to be a favorite. New episodes go live every Wednesday! Click here to subscribe their weekday morning emails where they make it fun and easy to read the news.



If Oprah’s recent Golden Globes speech made you yearn for the daily dose of comfort and wisdom you got years ago from watching The Oprah Show, then this podcast is for you. She gets deep and pics the brains of authors, movers, shakers, spiritual thinkers… anyone with anything profound or thought-provoking to say.  #Oprah2020


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